I don't want to feel high anymore

I decided I didn't wanna feel like a high idiot every day so I switched to CBD flower instead because I like smoking, but don't wanna feel like an unmotivated, anxious, squinty loser. So far I like it. I save the thc for the evenings, before bed. Actually, I need this. I think I need to, not be as stoned as I usually sounds awful I know. I have smoked a lot of weed and now I feel that it's time to move away from feeling the way it makes me feel. I had a good day today. Like a real good day. I wasn't in discomfort, I said hello to strangers (haha), I had a conversation with Alexa at the coffee shop, I was able to talk to customers with ease. I used to be so confident and forward with people and conversation. The idea of smoking CBD was laughable before because it doesn't get you stoned like thc does. I always brushed it off. Always looking for high thc content. Waking up and smoking a joint became too easy and routine in the mornings. It was "normal"


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