8-29-2020 hike

my friend/coworker and i went for an overnight hike and checked out some stuff i have never seen personally. it was his first time doing this kind of thing i think and it was pretty last minute. it was cool to have someone else to hike with finally. we went to sawyer bay and hung out for a bit before taking off. along the way, we saw an old cabin of some sort that was decayed and falling apart. up ahead shortly after was an old dock that was warped and what appears to be an old boat hut that was slanted on a 45 degree angle. the dock was stable enough to walk on. it was cool to see. and then the sail boats came into the bay right after and it all reminded me of the tv show Lost (the others are coming!). the whole environment, along with seeing some weird buildings and other objects like an old helmet with some kind of asian writing on it, a large green basket-like item, and items made of steel found on various parts of the trail, all fits together well enough to convince me while i am…

gear pack list i made


living in the moment

me @ sawyer bay

2 nights in the woods

the best side of wildflower lp


cool clouds huh?