winter camping prep

I have been pretty excited for this coming Saturday as I have decided to attempt my first winter camp out in the woods somewhere. I made the decision a week ago, and finalized on it once I went for a snowshoe the other day. The scenery was majestic. Trees covered in snow, birds yakin at each other, the view of the snow covered lake and the running water visible in certain parts. I want to wake up to this. I have wanted to do winter camping for 4 years now. It was the whole reason why I bought a 4 season tent back then. I used it in my backyard along with my other winter gear, and my sleep outside has always been great. I feel that I sleep better outside anyway. I enjoy the cold air, as it basically cradles me to sleep. While I already have a backpack, a winter sleeping bag, and a 4 season sleeping pad, there were other things that I needed to obtain. Currently out back in my tarp shelter, my bed space is comprised of the leaves from the fall time. I know you can cut pine bows and make

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