a shelter i made

up in the early morning on Saturday, i was watching some bushcraft/hiking/gear review channel and was motivated to make something in the yard. came up with this. it was so warm out this weekend, it would have been a waste not to take advantage of the weather. even without the fire, i was super comfortable. i have slept in it twice now. the first night was so good, that i woke up at 7 instead of 430! i woke up, turned on the radio, rolled up, and made a hot chocolate (i am out of coffee grounds). ended up laying back down and getting cozy again in my sleeping bag. the second night (last night), i had a good sleep, but i was up at 4am because of the constant train crossing sounds throughout the night. i also heard some strange screeching sounds, only to have a skunk appear 10ft in front of me. it didn't see me though and it was just having a time. i wanna improve on this and make something more permanent so i can enjoy the winter and still have a camp out.

bucket truck!

a hiking pantry and my last overnight hike of the year

twinpine lake overnight hike


gas saver plus

8-29-2020 hike

gear pack list i made


living in the moment