update on my new project

i havent posted anything regarding my new homemade NAS project since i mentioned it before. here are some updates to how it is coming along. to reiterate, here are the components used for this build:

1x raspberry pi 4b 4gb (will be swapped for 2gb variant in the future)
2x seagate backup plus slim 2tb hard drive
1x usb 3.0 4 port powered hub
1x 5v 5amp DC power supply
2x usb 3.0 male A to micro B male cable
1x usb type C male cable

- i decided that instead of gutting the seagate hard drives and using the holes on the drives as possible mounting points, i will keep the drive in its entirety instead. i ended up taping the two drives together with black electrical tape.

- went and purchased an AC cable for a standard atx power supply, and then wired it to the 5v 5amp DC power supply. tested good, so i cut end off of usb type C cable and wired to power supply, then wired usb 3.0 hub as well. both powered up.

- i took the hub and removed all usb connectors from the board. i tried my luck a…

new domain name

new year

lovely snow

oct 26 autumn hike overnight photos